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st: RE: 2 queries re code in -sureg-

Subject   st: RE: 2 queries re code in -sureg-
Date   Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:10:00 -0400

Stephen P. Jenkins wrote
> I am going through the code for -sureg-
> in detail (hoping to adapt some of it
> for my own uses!). (Similar code appears
> in related commands.)  I have two queries:
> (1) Why is there no -markout- line to
>     accompany the -markout- one?
>     [Is it because this is handled via
>     -reg3-, which -sureg- calls?]

I am not sure what you mean by "accompany the -markout- one" since -markout-
does not appear in -sureg-.  Did you mean to write "accompany the
-marksample touse- line"?  If so, then note that -marksample touse- is
equivalent to typing

   tempvar touse
   mark `touse' `if' `in'
   markout `touse' `varlist'

Therefore, -markout ...- is not required if the aim is to define the binary
variable `touse' as being ==1 when the [if exp] and [in range] conditions
are satisfied and the variables in `varlist' are not-missing, ==0 otherwise.

That said, nothing prevents the programmer to use -markout `touse'- after
-marksample- when one also wants to restrict the sample to observations
where values of other variables (ie. variables not in the varlist parsed by
-syntax ...-) are not missing.  See [P] mark or -help mark-.

Patrick Joly
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