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st: RE: Q: Who uses Graph preferences?

From   Finne Håkon <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: Q: Who uses Graph preferences?
Date   Tue, 8 Oct 2002 13:21:35 +0200

I have experimented a little bit with setting schemes so as to be able to
produce three versions of the same graph: for Stata onscreen display (black
background -- all the others on white background), for colored projection
graphs (thicker lines) using MS PowerPoint, for inclusion in online
documents using MS Word and Adobe Acrobat, and for inclusion in documents
destined for print (black & white) using MS Word. I have set aside working
on these because Stata in recent releases has developed a flaw that prevents
me from working on other aspects of graphs: a stored .gph is not displayed
with the xsize ysize used to produce it. So my colors experiments are on
hold until that issue has been resolved or until I find the time to work on
it again, whichever comes last. But I would be interested in taking part in
concrete discussions on the topic.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: R. Allan Reese []
> Sent: 8. oktober 2002 12:43
> To: Stata distribution list
> Subject: st: Q: Who uses Graph preferences?
> A week ago I sent a general enquiry to the list asking about 
> other users'
> experiences or advice on graph preferences.  So far, not a 
> single comment
> or response has come to me, nor have I seen any related 
> messages in the
> digests.  Does this imply that in practice Stata users are 
> NOT consciously
> choosing colours, textures, scales etc for graphs?  As a straw poll,
> please email me a one-line answer to the questions: do you 
> set any graph
> preferences, or if not, why not?  Suggested responses might be:
> * Happy with StataCopr defaults or cannot see any problems
> * Can't see that any other settings would be generally better
> * Didn't know you could set graph prferences
> * Have tried but didn't achieve better graphic results
> * Have tried but didn't understand menus or had problems saving
> * Am using graph preferences and have changed colors / styles etc.
> For convenience, I repeat the earlier message (which is archived). As
> StataCorp have also not got back at<<to me, I'll add that:
> * the blackbackground pallette has a pen sequence light blue/ yellow/
>   red/ green.  Why red & green?!
> * the whitebackground pallette has a pen sequence dark blue/ green/
>   brown/ red/ purple.  Why dark blue & purple?!
> On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, R. Allan Reese wrote:
> > Stata has options to set colours, line widths, line styles etc.  The
> > commands are fully described, but this may be like 
> confronting monkeys
> > with typewriters - which to choose?  I have looked at the 
> Stata web site
> > and checked the list archives, so unless I've overlooked 
> it, this obvious
> > FAQ has not been asked before.  Statacorp provide some 
> pallettes, but to
> > me these seem arbitrary in parts and not directed to specific
> > applications.
> >
> > Specifically, I would like to hear about users' experiences 
> in setting
> > preferences for:
> > (a) interactive use on the screen (for which I prefer a 
> white background
> > and avoid yellow lines!)
> > (b) printing on a B&W printer (for which I commonly increase the
> > magnification and use landscape to avoid wasting half the sheet)
> > (c) printing on a color [sic] printer (usually meaning a bubblejet)
> > (d) for incorporating by software into a document (there is 
> a FAQ about
> > editing Stata graphs in Word)
> > (e) for incorporating into a web page.
> >
> > As these are pretty wide questions, I suggest in the first 
> instance that
> > list users reply to me, with suggestions based on what 
> worked for them, or
> > comments based on technical parameters, psychology of 
> perception, etc.
> > I'll summarize or collate the replies.
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