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st: Q: Who uses Graph preferences?

From   "R. Allan Reese" <>
To   Stata distribution list <>
Subject   st: Q: Who uses Graph preferences?
Date   Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:43:16 +0100 (BST)

A week ago I sent a general enquiry to the list asking about other users'
experiences or advice on graph preferences.  So far, not a single comment
or response has come to me, nor have I seen any related messages in the
digests.  Does this imply that in practice Stata users are NOT consciously
choosing colours, textures, scales etc for graphs?  As a straw poll,
please email me a one-line answer to the questions: do you set any graph
preferences, or if not, why not?  Suggested responses might be:

* Happy with StataCopr defaults or cannot see any problems
* Can't see that any other settings would be generally better
* Didn't know you could set graph prferences
* Have tried but didn't achieve better graphic results
* Have tried but didn't understand menus or had problems saving
* Am using graph preferences and have changed colors / styles etc.

For convenience, I repeat the earlier message (which is archived). As
StataCorp have also not got back at<<to me, I'll add that:
* the blackbackground pallette has a pen sequence light blue/ yellow/
  red/ green.  Why red & green?!
* the whitebackground pallette has a pen sequence dark blue/ green/
  brown/ red/ purple.  Why dark blue & purple?!

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, R. Allan Reese wrote:

> Stata has options to set colours, line widths, line styles etc.  The
> commands are fully described, but this may be like confronting monkeys
> with typewriters - which to choose?  I have looked at the Stata web site
> and checked the list archives, so unless I've overlooked it, this obvious
> FAQ has not been asked before.  Statacorp provide some pallettes, but to
> me these seem arbitrary in parts and not directed to specific
> applications.
> Specifically, I would like to hear about users' experiences in setting
> preferences for:
> (a) interactive use on the screen (for which I prefer a white background
> and avoid yellow lines!)
> (b) printing on a B&W printer (for which I commonly increase the
> magnification and use landscape to avoid wasting half the sheet)
> (c) printing on a color [sic] printer (usually meaning a bubblejet)
> (d) for incorporating by software into a document (there is a FAQ about
> editing Stata graphs in Word)
> (e) for incorporating into a web page.
> As these are pretty wide questions, I suggest in the first instance that
> list users reply to me, with suggestions based on what worked for them, or
> comments based on technical parameters, psychology of perception, etc.
> I'll summarize or collate the replies.

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