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Re: st: how to make xi dummies inherit labels

From (William Gould)
Subject   Re: st: how to make xi dummies inherit labels
Date   Fri, 04 Oct 2002 07:55:01 -0500

Roger Harbord <> asks why, when he types, 

        . ssc install reformat, replace
        checking reformat consistency and verifying not already installed...
        all files already exist and are up-to-date.

        . which reformat
        *! version 1.0.2   9mar00 arb
        *! Reformats the output from regression commands

and yet, when any of the rest of us -ssc install reformat- and type -whcih
reformat-, we get a more up-to-date version numbered 1.1.3.

The answer, I suspect, has to do with caching performed by the University 
and, if I am right, than Roger is going to have to wait until the cache
expires.  Many U.K. universities, I believe, cache the contents of URLs.  They
do this to minimize the number of bytes transmitted and received over the
Atlantic for which, as I understand it, they are charged.  At least, that is
the reasoning I have heard.  I cannnot vouch for the reasoning, but I do know
that we have dealt with U.K. sites that are heavily cached.

The effect of this cache is to introduce a delay before updates are available.

My guess is that if Roger tries again on Monday, he will get a different 

-- Bill
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