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Re: st: exporting graphs in xstata

From (Philippe Glaziou)
Subject   Re: st: exporting graphs in xstata
Date   Thu, 3 Oct 2002 08:18:37 +0700

Gene Fisher <> wrote:
> I'm using stata in Linux now.  It works very well, but I don't find any
> provision for copying graphs to the clipboard or saving them to a file
> in other than gph format.  I would like to insert a graph into a Star
> Office document.  I checked the FAQ's but could find nothing.  I wonder
> how xstata users port their graphs into documents.

You may print the graph to a postscript file from xstata (menu
file | print graph, then tick print to file). The resulting postscript 
file can then be translated into encapsulated postscript for 
inclusion into your Star Office document, using ps2eps or ps2epsi. 
This tool belongs to the Ghostscript tools package and is probably 
already installed on your machine.

Another option available from both stata(console) and xstata is to 
use the translator gph2eps included in stata (type -man translategph- 
from within stata for details), to convert a gph file into encapsulated 
postscript. A -translate yourfile.gph yourfile.eps- should do the
trick. There is a logo option there, if the stata logo is not wanted.

I hope this helps,

Philippe Glaziou <>
Pasteur Institute of Cambodia
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