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st: Utility for clarify

From   Fred Wolfe <>
Subject   st: Utility for clarify
Date   Sat, 28 Sep 2002 10:27:02 -0500

Frustrated a little by the difficulty of running -clarify- with multiple variables and many multiples of setx, particularly involving Stata's xi prefix, I have written a wrapper for the clarify series that automates this process.

The program and help files are available from Stata (thanks to Kit Baum) by typing -ssc install qsim-

Title: QSIM

qsim provides a wrapper for the clarify series of program that automates simulation , particularly with dummy variables produced by Stata's xi prefix.

Without qsim each of the 3 clarify programs has to be run separately for each level of the xi: categorical variable. qsim can be placed into one or more foreach loops and a large series of
simulations can be run at one time.

The output can be pasted into a text editor. Marking E( or Pr( identifies the line with the simulation data output. This line then can be cut to Excel (or similar programs) to make an output table. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Fred Wolfe

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