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Re: st: Re: console Stata

From (A.J. Rossini)
Subject   Re: st: Re: console Stata
Date   26 Sep 2002 10:18:53 -0700

>>>>> "christopher" == Christopher F Baum <Christopher> writes:

    christopher> --On Thursday, September 26, 2002 2:33 -0400 Philippe wrote:

    >> I would gladly see in the next version of stata(console) a tab completion
    >> mode (using the tab key to complete variable or command names and
    >> present a list of possible completions when more than one is
    >> available, a most useful feature), as well as more customizable key
    >> bindings. I got used to typing C-r to recall past commands, but the
    >> page-up bind strikes me as kind of unusual for that purpose, when most
    >> shells (unix shells) or text interfaces do that task upon hitting the
    >> up-key. I would rather be happy to use the page-up key to make the buffer
    >> scroll-up. By the way, is it possible to scroll up the results
    >> window of the GUI version of stata (xstata) with keys only?

    christopher> Quite a good set of suggestions. One must be careful with adding
    christopher> intelligence to command-line-completion, though. The command-line OS X
    christopher> has such a feature, where it guesses which Unix command you probably
    christopher> meant, and proposes it. 

It's a possibly nice feature of the zsh shell.

However, what you are suggesting does exist within ESS (Emacs Speaks
Statistics) for the S languages; we parse the set of objects (data and
functions, along with "column names/variables" for data frames), and
add them to the list of things that can be completed on.  This has
prevent the R core developers from implementing it, since most of them
use Emacs/ESS.

Back when I used Stata regularly, I wanted to add that feature to
ESS's Stata mode.  If the command-line version of Stata reverts to
being able to do decent graphics in the future (instead of having to
muck with auto-magic data transfer scripts to use R's sophisticated
plotting capabilities) I probably will implement this (and use Stata
more often again, but that's another topic).  (more importantly, I'd
like to see equivalent command-line versions for the other OSs, but
again, I digress).


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