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Re: st: RE: Programming function keys on key board to do STATA functions

From (Philippe Glaziou)
Subject   Re: st: RE: Programming function keys on key board to do STATA functions
Date   Thu, 26 Sep 2002 12:14:47 +0700

Nick Cox <> wrote:
> You can define the F-keys. See [U] 13.2. 
> There is a lot of scope for setting up 
> your own menus or adding to existing menus. 
> That's much more the direction in which Stata 
> lets you customise. 

Not everybody likes menus and using the mouse may not be helpful when
talking to a remote stata.

I have no idea whether this is the right season for wish lists, I live
in a country where one is allowed wish lists at any time.

I would gladly see in the next version of stata(console) a tab completion
mode (using the tab key to complete variable or command names and
present a list of possible completions when more than one is
available, a most useful feature), as well as more customizable key 
bindings. I got used to typing C-r to recall past commands, but the
page-up bind strikes me as kind of unusual for that purpose, when most
shells (unix shells) or text interfaces do that task upon hitting the 
up-key. I would rather be happy to use the page-up key to make the buffer
scroll-up. By the way, is it possible to scroll up the results
window of the GUI version of stata (xstata) with keys only? 

I admit being mice-challenged, and being also a stata devotee, I do 
really hope that Statacorp will make future statas more friendly 
to the disabled. 

Philippe Glaziou <>
Pasteur Institute of Cambodia
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