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st: starting xstata

From   Petra Wallem <>
Subject   st: starting xstata
Date   Thu, 19 Sep 2002 11:18:51 -0400

Hi every body! I finnally got my problem solved thanks to stata support! so 
for every body who wrote me telling me that they had the same proble this is 
it, if you have a newer Linux version: StataCorp produces two compile 
versions of Stata, one with statically linked libraries (for older Linux 
versions) and one with dynamic. The one I bought was static and didn't work 
with my Linux. So Stata support kindly helped me out with that, the 
instructions are:
1) Figure out if you have the version that works with static or a dynamic 
libraries by typing
$ ldd <filename> for example $ ldd /usr/local/stata/xstata
If the promt says: "$ not a dynamic executable"  your version works with 
static libraries, if it works with dynamic you will get a few lines output, 
listing the libs
2)you can obtain other compiles from
There you should find the compile with the dynamic libraries

So good luck!
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