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Re: st: post-stratification

From   Matthias Schonlau <>
Subject   Re: st: post-stratification
Date   Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:28:54 -0700

Post stratification weights should be used in the same way you use probability weights.
If you have both probability weights and post stratification weights, then you should multiply them together (unless the postratification weights already reflect that multiplication).

Post stratification is used to ensure that certain quantities match up to known population totals. For example, if your sample estimates that there are 55% women in the population, but from a census (or other reliable source) you know it's really 51%, then you apply weights post-stratification weights such that they sum to the right number (here 51%).


Henrique Neder wrote:

I corrected the message because it had made a mistake when referring to
post-estimation. In reality it is post-stratification. The right message

Did anybody already work with post-stratification in complex survey
samples (cluster sampling) using Stata or know some work about this? I
have some data - a household survey using two-stage sampling with
weights and "post-stratification factors" (I don“t know if this is the
correct name), the identificator of PSUs and Strata and I want to
estimate confidence intervals for poverty indicators. The survey (svy)
Stata doesn't have sub-commands to consider post-stratification.

Thanks in advance

Henrique Neder

Instituto de Economia
Universidade Federal de Uberlāndia
Minas Gerais - Brazil

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