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Re: st: Statalist style

From (A.J. Rossini)
Subject   Re: st: Statalist style
Date   17 Sep 2002 13:03:18 -0700

>>>>> "marcello" == Marcello Pagano 

    marcello> Dangerous territory.  What if one forgets the first t?
    marcello> m.p.

    marcello> Nick Winter wrote:

    >> I've noticed of late various references to a particular technique or
    >> approach being more or less "Stataish".  Since Stata is from Texas, I
    >> propose, instead, "Statan".  Just as "Stata" rhymes with "data", so
    >> "Statan" rhymes with "Texan".
    >> Nick Winter

Also, with which Texan accent?

"Tahx-an", or "Texun", or ...?

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