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Re: st: svmat to different datasheet

From   Christa Scholtz <cscholtz@Princeton.EDU>
Subject   Re: st: svmat to different datasheet
Date   Thu, 12 Sep 2002 11:07:11 -0400


I'd be very interested to know how to transform a matrix into a dataset
within stata.  I couldn't figure out how, so I found a home-cooked
solution (feasible only if you have a handful of matrices) which
basically bypasses stata.

I  list the matrix in a log file.  Then, I open the log file in word,
erase all text except the matrix, and save this as a txt file.  I then
open the txt file in Excel, which will recognize the text file is in
columns, and then I have a spreadsheet of my matrix data.  I save it as
a tab delimited txt file, then insheet it back into stata.  If you find
a way to feed the log file directly into excel, let me know.

once you have a number of excel worksheets, you can merge them into
stata and create a big dataset.

Not fancy, but it works.

org:Princeton University;Department of Politics
adr:;;130 Corwin Hall;Princeton;NJ;08544-1012;USA
title:Graduate Student
fn:Christa Scholtz

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