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st: Re: Graph Window (Linux)

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: Re: Graph Window (Linux)
Date   Thu, 05 Sep 2002 08:56:42 -0500

Ulrich Kohler ( wrote
> I have a Do-File which produces some graphs. I like to run the Do-File while 
> doing something else in another program.  For each graph produced by the 
> Do-File, I got the graph window on the top of my screen, forcing me to 
> ALT+TAB back to the other program. The same happens with every new graph 
> produced by the Do-File. The Do-File produces 137 graphs.
> This makes it almost impossible to do anything except sitting in front of the 
> screen and looking how Stata produces one graph after another. I wonder if it 
> is possible to let Stata open the graph window somewhere in the backround. 

We probably could add a setting to tell Stata to not bring the
Graph window to the front upon the creation of a new graph.  However,
there are a few different workarounds I can think of that should
help Ulrich.

Ulrich could set his window manager to use "mouse focus", where
the window in which the mouse currently resides is the window with
the focus.  Then, he could push the graph window way off to the side
after it popped up the first time to get it out of the way.  He
should then be able to continue working in whatever applications he
wishes since the mouse will remain over them and they will retain the

A second workaround would be to take advantage of the capability of
some window managers to have multiple X window desktops.  Simply move
Stata to (or start it in) an alternate desktop and let it run while
performing whatever work is desired in the original desktop.

Finally, a Stata-only solution would be to do as Ulrich suggests
and -set graphics off-.  Then, rather than using

   . translate @Graph xyz.eps, replace

Ulrich could have his graph commands save a graph and use it
in the -translate- command:

   . set graphics off

   . graph y1 x, saving(mygraph, replace)

   . translate mygraph.gph mygraph.eps, replace

   . graph y2 x, saving(mygraph, replace)

   . translate mygraph.gph mygraph.eps, replace


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