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st: nonlinear least squares

From   Henrik Andersson <>
Subject   st: nonlinear least squares
Date   Sat, 29 Jun 2002 11:57:13 +0200


I am having problem using nonlinear least squares. It seems to work when I do the programming, I do not get any "error message" when running the funtion that I have programmed. The problem occure when I try to estimate the function. I even have used one of the examples from the "reference guide" to see if it was my function that was the problem, but the result is the same, I get an error message. My programming for the example from the book looks like, where x is my dependent varialbe:

program define nltest
version 7.0
if "`1" == "?" {
global S_1 "B0 B1"
global B0=1
global B1=.1
replace `1=$B0*(1-exp(-$B1*x))

I then give the command,

nl test y

which produces the error message:

nltest refused query, rc=198

Under r(196) one can read, "Your nlfunc program did not work properly with the nl command."

What do I do wrong?

Henrik Andersson

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