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Re: st: fonts

From   Ronan Conroy <>
Subject   Re: st: fonts
Date   Thu, 27 Jun 2002 11:43:00 +0100

on 26/6/02 7:59 PM, Finne Håkon at wrote:

> How can I get a font for the do-editor that makes it easy to distinguish the
> left, right, and double quotation marks when they appear together? I am
> using Stata 7 for Windows and neither the Lucida Console nor the 5 variants
> of Courier New are really well suited in my opinion. (For do-files I also
> use other editors where this is less of a problem.)

ProFont, which is available for the Mac, is probably available for other
platforms as well. It's free, and can be tracked down at the usual sort of
net software repositories. It's designed for programming and makes all the
distinctions you need between confusable characters.

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