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st: -tsgraph- revised on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: -tsgraph- revised on SSC
Date   Tue, 11 Jun 2002 13:56:03 +0100

-tsgraph-, written jointly with Kit Baum, has been revised
on SSC.

-tsgraph- plots one or more y variables against whatever -tsset-
knows as the time variable. It is a convenience graph with options built-in
to plot time series as connected lines. Data must have been -tsset-

The main change in this version is an attempt to provide smarter
default labelling on the time axis. If encouraged to provide
round labels, Stata will attempt to provide labels which show
round numbers in terms of the date or time variables with origin
the start of 1960. What this may mean in practice for (say)
quarterly data is that Stata may show dates (say) every 10 or 20 or 50
quarters -- every 2.5 or 5 or 12.5 years -- which is, we guess,
more often wrong than right as a stab at what users want. Similarly,
with daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly data multiples of 2, 5 or
10 are not always what users want.

With some knowledge of Stata's functions, users can exert greater
control, and an FAQ has been submitted to Stata Corp setting out
a way to proceed. But this, together with some more tricks, has now
been wired into -tsgraph-. We are indebted to James Hardin's code,
published in

Hardin, J.W. 1995. Calculate nice numbers for labeling or drawing grid
lines. Stata Technical Bulletin 25, 2-3. (Also in STB Reprints
Volume 5, 19-20.)

To install or to re-install -tsgraph- in an up-to-date Stata 7,

ssc inst tsgraph


ssc inst tsgraph, replace


P.S. an -ofrtplot- revised similarly will follow shortly.

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