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st: RE: Fischer Exact Test

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Fischer Exact Test
Date   Mon, 10 Jun 2002 09:14:31 +0100

JiTian Sheu

> In STATA, I can use -tabulate- for obtaining values of Chi-square test and
> Fischer Exact test for a 2X2 table.
> However, suppose, instead of 2X2, the dimemsion of table is 2XC,
> where C>2,
> then can I still obtain Fischer Exact test p-value?(I know,
> Chi-square test
> value is still obtainable.)
> I check the manual, it seems, STATA does not restrict the
> dimemsion of table
> for Fischer Exact Test, however, suppose my table is a 2XC(C>2),
> then STATA
> can not do the fischer exact test via command of -tabulate-.
> Does anyone have method for solving this?

The syntax for the Fisher [sic] test is -tabulate <varlist>, exact-.
This is well documented and you can try it.

With the auto data

tab foreign rep78, exact


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