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st: RE: Patrick Royston's ptrend

To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Patrick Royston's ptrend
From   "Nick Cox" <>
Date   Thu, 6 Jun 2002 14:39:35 +0100
Importance   Normal
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Alan Kelly

> I'd appreciate assistance in locating a copy of Partick Royston's 
> 'ptrend' ado file.
> I know that this was sent to the list back in 1996 and I see that Fred 
> Wolfe kindly replied - with a copy - to a query last year....
> ptrend has one simple attraction compared with 'opartchi' - it presents 
> the regression fit simultaneously with the test for trend and as I'm 
> testing upwards of 1,000 different sets of observations, this facility 
> is convenient.

Patrick has given me copies of the files and 
I will ask Kit Baum to put them on SSC. 


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