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This page contains only historical information and is not about the current release of Stata. Please see our features page for information on the current version of Stata.

Stata 7 is a major release and updates virtually every aspect of Stata, from statistics to programming language, to the way output is displayed, and even including the new bottom layer on which future graphics will be developed. The highlights of the new release are shown below. Release 7 was announced in the 4th Quarter 2000 Stata News which is available for download as a pdf. You can also read a brief summary.

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Statistics (more information)
Panel data estimators
Arellano-Bond, autoregressions, instrumental variables, and more

Survival analysis models and methods
frailty/heterogeneity, continuously time-varying covariates, and much more

Cluster analysis (see details)

Nested logit (see details)

Marginal effects and elasticities for all estimators (see details)

ROC curves and analysis (see details)

Commands for epidemiologists
binary regression for ORs, RRs, HRs, and RDs; ICD9 support, and more

Pharmacokinetics analysis (see details)

Linear constraints for most ML estimators (see details)

HAC covariance matrices and standard errors (see details)

Dramatic enhancements GLM
IRLS and ML estimation, HAC standard errors, user-defined links, and more

More new estimators

More new statistics commands

Output and interface (more information)
Improved output
Output looks better and becomes interactive due to new Stata Markup and Control Language (SMCL) (see details)

GUI interface for Unix (see details)

Line styles, Low-level programming additions for development of new graphs (see details)

Net search for user-written programs (see details)

Language and programming (more information)
Long variable names -- 32 characters (see details)

Ado-files are now byable (see details)

Sort stability for all commands (see details)

New loop controls iterating over lists (see details)

Stata is 8 to 12% faster (see details)

and, more ...

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