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Webinar: Choice models using Stata


Duration: 1 hour
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Cost: Free—but registrations are limited

Discrete choice models are used across a variety of disciplines to analyze choices. Companies choose whether to use TV, print, or Internet advertising. Individuals choose their favorite breakfast cereal. Voters choose their favorite candidate. Stata provides a variety of discrete choice models for analyzing these choices. Stata 16 includes many new choice-modeling features such as panel-data mixed logit models and support of the margins command, which can be used to answer interesting research questions.

Join Joerg Luedicke, Senior Social Scientist and Statistician at StataCorp, as he shows how to explore and analyze discrete choice data by using Stata's new choice-model utility commands. He will demonstrate how to fit panel-data models with the new cmxtmixlogit command and how to interpret the results of discrete choice models using the margins command.

How to join

The webinar is free, but you must register to attend. Registrations are limited, so register soon. Register by clicking the desired date of your course above.

We will send you an email prior to the start of the course with instructions on how to access the webinar. You will need access to Adobe Connect to attend.

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Presenter: Joerg Luedicke

Joerg Luedicke portrait

Joerg Luedicke is a Senior Social Scientist and Statistician at StataCorp LLC and is the primary developer of Stata's mixed logit estimation commands. He has a master's degree in sociology from Free University Berlin, Germany, and a PhD in sociology from Bielefeld University, Germany. Prior to joining StataCorp LLC, he held positions as a research scientist and statistician at Free University Berlin, Bielefeld University, and Yale University. His interests lie in nonparametric statistics, survival analysis, discrete choice models, and causal inference.


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