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2018 Stata Econometrics Summer School, Lisbon

Location: ISCTE—University Institute of Lisbon
Dates: 16–20 July 2018
Delivered by: Pierre Hoonhout, School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon
Bruno Damásio, School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon

Timberlake Portugal is organizing their fifth annual Stata Econometrics Summer School. The summer school aims to provide the full set of tools and techniques that any modern applied economist needs to know. Participants will learn the fundamental principles of modern econometrics and will also learn how to apply the techniques properly using Stata.

All courses will be taught in English.

The courses forming the summer school are the following:

  • Day 1—Introduction to Stata
    • The workflow of data analysis
    • Manipulating data
    • Estimation and reporting
    • Stata graphics

  • Day 2—Single-Equation Linear Models
    • Large-sample approximations
    • Method of moments estimation
    • Generalized method of moments
    • Practical session

  • Day 3—Systems of Linear Regression Equations and Panel-Data
    • The general model and its special cases
    • Estimating systems
    • Estimating panel data models
    • Practical session

  • Day 4—Nonlinear Regression Models
    • Binary outcome and multinomial models
    • Tobit models with and without endogeneity
    • Selection models
    • Practical session

  • Day 5—Time-Series Analysis
    • Intro to forecasting methods
    • ARIMA models
    • Box–Jenkins methodology
    • Forecasting

For more information or to register, visit the official website.

Timberlake is the official distributor of Stata to the UK and Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Middle East, North Africa, and Brazil.





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