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Stata Econometrics Winter School (taught in English)

Venue: Porto Business School
Porto, Portugal
Dates: January 25–29, 2016
Register: timberlake.pt/landings/v9/#registration

Timberlake (Portugal) and CEF.UP (U. Porto) are jointly organizing a set of applied econometrics courses using Stata. The aim of these courses is to familiarize the participants with key econometric tools commonly used in applied research. The courses include a quick discussion of the relevant econometric theory as well as an in-depth discussion of empirical applications using real data. The courses will take place at FEP (U. Porto) in January 2016 and will be taught in English.

Target audience:
The course is designed for academic staff and Master/PhD students with basic knowledge on statistics, econometrics and Stata. Those who are not familiar with Stata should attend the first day of the Winter School. The course is also of interest to other professionals with an interest on data analysis from an econometric perspective. Practitioners who are interested in learning advanced techniques and raising their awareness of applied econometric methodologies will greatly benefit from this course.

Course outline:

For complete details, visit 2016 Stata Econometrics Winter School, Porto Business School





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