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Data Analysis Using Stata, 2nd Edition


Updated to include changes to Stata over the past several years, Data Analysis Using Stata, Second Edition comprehensively introduces Stata and will be useful to those who are just learning statistics and Stata, as well as to users of other statistical packages who are making the switch to Stata. Throughout the book, Kohler and Kreuter show examples using data from the German Socioeconomic Panel, a large survey of households containing demographic, income, employment, and other key information. The authors describe the Graph Editor and time-of-day variables, two features added in Stata 10, in this new edition.

Kohler and Kreuter’s book is a valuable introduction to Stata. The authors take a hands-on approach, leading you step by step through actual Stata sessions to answer practical questions commonly asked by social scientists.

They begin with an introduction to the Stata interface and then proceed with a description of Stata syntax and simple programming tools like foreach loops. The core of the book includes chapters on producing tables and graphs, performing linear regression, and using logistic regression. Kohler and Kreuter use multiple examples to illustrate all key concepts.

The rest of the book includes chapters on reading text files, writing programs and ado-files, and using Internet resources, such as the search command and the SSC archive.

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