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Stata Practical Computing Demo at CSP 2020 Annual Meeting

Title: Meta-Analysis Using Stata
Presenter: Houssein Assaad, Senior Statistician and Software Developer, StataCorp
Where: CSP 2020 Annual Meeting
Date: Saturday, 22 February 2020
Time: 2:00–4:00 p.m.
Abstract: This workshop will cover the use of Stata to perform meta-analysis (MA), a statistical technique for combining the results from several similar studies. The course will provide a brief introduction to MA and will demonstrate how to perform MA in Stata 16. Stata's new meta command offers full support for MA—from computing various effect sizes and producing basic meta-analytic summary and forest plots to accounting for between-study heterogeneity and potential publication bias. I will provide a number of case studies demonstrating how to conduct an MA within Stata. These examples will focus on the interpretation of MA under various models, meta-regression and its postestimation features, subgroup analysis, small-study effect and publication bias, and various types of forest, funnel, and other plots. No prior knowledge of Stata is required, but basic familiarity with MA will prove useful.
Fee: Free

Houssein Assaad

Houssein Assaad portrait

Houssein Assaad is a Senior Statistician and Software Developer at StataCorp LLC and the primary developer of Stata's meta-analysis suite. Houssein's other contributions to Stata include nonlinear mixed-effects models and zero-inflation models. Houssein has a PhD in statistics from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a former reserach assistant professor at Texas A&M University, where his research focused on longitudinal and functional data analysis.

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