Workshop: Parametric and Nonparametric Analysis Using Stata

Date: June 25, 2015
Venue: Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
Regenburger Str. 104
90478 Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
Instructor: Dr. Johannes Ludsteck (IAB)
Cost: Workshop: €65 (no discounts)
Meeting + workshop: €85
Prices cover coffee, tea, and lunch and includes VAT.

Applied researchers typically think of nonparametric methods as strange exotic animals mainly because they are not part of the standard graduate curriculum. These methods are avoided frequently even if they are readily implemented in Stata mainly for two reasons: either users hesitate to apply things they don't understand intuitively or they are unsettled by the importance of tuning parameters that seem to introduce arbitrariness.

This workshop will show that nonparametric methods may be quite transparent and extremely useful, especially for explorative and visual data analysis.

The lecture will give a short, intuition-based introduction to basic methods (kernel density estimation and regression smoothing) and demonstrate their applications and visual analysis. Focus is put on cases where simple Stata programming is required to obtain semiparametric workhorses by combining nonparametric and parametric estimators.

Please bring your own laptop with the latest Stata version. If you do not have the latest Stata version, please let DPC know and you will get a workshop license for that day.


Participants are asked to travel at their own expense. The fee covers costs for coffee, tea, and lunch and includes VAT.

You can enroll by contacting Christiane Senczek by email, letter, or telephone.

Christiane Senczek
Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH
Prinzenstr. 2
42697 Solingen

Tel: +49 (0) 212 2 60 66-51
Fax: +49 (0) 212 2 60 66-66





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