Date: June 6, 2013
Instructors: Ulrich Kohler
Venue: University of Potsdam
Building No. 6, Room S12
Campus Griebnitzsee
August-Bebel-Str. 89
14482 Potsdam
Time: 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Cost: € 65

Workshop: Advanced Do-File programming and introduction to Ado-file programs

The workshop covers two types of Stata programming: do-file programming and ado file programming. It starts by presenting programming tools such as local macros, extended macro functions, inline macro expansion, loops, and branches and gives examples of their use in everyday data analysis. The second part of the course explains the nuts and bolts of defining a "program" in Stata. Finally, the course provides a step-by-step tutorial for implementing a user-written command into Stata ("Ado-File").

Participants should be already familiar with Stata. They should know how to start a do-file from the command line. Moreover, command of the data-manipulation tools generate and replace, basic data-analysis tools such as tabulate, summarize, and regress, and some experience with graph are absolutely necessary prerequisites.


  1. Advanced do-file programming
    • Local macros and extended macro functions
    • Scalars
    • Loops
  2. Ado-file programming
    • Program definition
    • Parsing user input to programs
    • Step-by-step example
    • Programming style

Presenter background

Ulrich Kohler holds the chair for Methods of Empirical Social Research at the University of Potsdam. He is coauthor of Data Analysis Using Stata and author of several user-written Stata commands.


You can enroll by emailing Anke Mrosek ( or by writing, phoning, or faxing to

Anke Mrosek
Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH
Prinzenstr. 2
42697 Solingen
Tel: +49 (0) 212 260 66-24
Fax: +49 (0) 212 260 66-66

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