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3rd North American Stata Users Group meeting

USS Constitution
Monday, August 23, 2004
User talks and presentations
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Featured training courses
Longwood Galleria Conference Center
342 Longwood Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts
$85 (student $45)    
Cost is for both days and includes lunch and refreshments.

The third North American Stata Users Group meeting will be held on August 23–24, 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Longwood Galleria Conference Center.

The first day of the meeting, which will showcase user presentations, is being organized by a committee chaired by Elizabeth Allred, Harvard School of Public Health (lizard@hsph.harvard.edu). The second day features training courses on GLLAMM and Stata graphics and is sponsored by StataCorp.

Previous Stata Users Group meetings have been held in Boston (2001 and 2003), Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Anyone interested in Stata, regardless of level of expertise or geographic location, is invited to attend. The meeting will include the ever-popular "wishes and grumbles" session where users make comments and suggestions to StataCorp.


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Day 1   User talks and presentations

Session 1: 8:30–9:45     Statistical Methods
Use of Gaussian integration in Stata
Alan Feiveson, NASA — Johnson Space Center
Generating random variables from the N/I distributions
Peter A. Lachenbruch, U.S. FDA
Econometric techniques for estimating treatment effects
Zhehui Luo, Department of Epidemiology, Michigan State University
Sample-size calculation for longitudinal studies
Phil Schumm, Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago
Break: 9:45–10:15
Session 2: 10:15–11:45     Data Management Using Stata
Using Stata for questionnaire development
Theodore Pollari & Phil Schumm, Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago
Translating data between MySQL and Stata
Michael Johnson & Phil Schumm, Department of Health Studies, University of Chicago
Working with ODBC data sources in Stata: tips and techniques
Joseph Coveney, Cobridge Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Using Stata with large datasets in corporate America: lessons learned
Ed Bassin, ProfSoft, Inc.
Lunch: 11:45–1:00
Session 3: 1:00–2:15     Stata Graphics
Graphics for categories and compositions
Nicholas J. Cox, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK
Metagraphiti by Stata: Visuographical exploration and presentation of meta-analytic data using Stata
Ben Dwamena, University of Michigan Medical School
Density-distribution sunflower plots in Stata 8
William D. Dupont, Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Break: 2:15–2:40
Session 4: 2:40–4:00     Data Analysis Using Stata
Replication methods for complex survey analysis in Stata
Nicholas Winter, Department of Government, Cornell University
Rolling regressions with Stata
Kit Baum, Department of Economics, Boston College and RePEc
Implementation of quasi-least squares using xtgee in Stata
Justine Shults, Department of Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania
To help others in teaching statistics using the Stata software
Susan Hailpern, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Sensitivity analysis on traffic crash prediction models by using Stata
Deo Chimba, Department of Civil Engineering, Florida State University
Break: 4:00–4:15
Session 5: 4:15–5:30     StataCorp on Stata
Report to users/Wishes and grumbles
William Gould, StataCorp

Optional dinner: 7:00 (Chinatown Seafood, $35.00)

Day 2   Featured training courses

Training course 1: 8:30–12:00 (includes 30-minute break)

Generalized linear latent and mixed models

Presented by Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, University of California, Berkeley, and Anders Skrondal, Division of Epidemiology, Norwegian Institute of Public Health; authors of Generalized Latent Variable Modeling: Multilevel, Longitudinal, and Structural Equation Models (2004).

Lunch: 12:00–1:30 (Buffet lunch at conference center is included with registration.)

Training course 2: 1:30–5:00 (includes 30-minute break)

Stata graphics

Presented by Vince Wiggins, Vice President of Scientific Development, StataCorp, and architect of Stata's graphics commands. This course will cover in detail the basic commands and concepts for building high-quality Stata graphs from scratch. You will learn new approaches to creating graphs, including organizing and managing your data, and creating custom schemes.

To see proceedings from previous Stata Users Group meetings, see www.stata.com/meeting/proceedings.html.

Registration and accommodations

Registration is now closed.

The cost to attend is $85 (students $45) for both days and includes lunch and refreshments.

The North American Users Group meeting will be held on August 23–24, 2004 at

Longwood Galleria Conference Center
342 Longwood Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Best Western Boston — the Inn at Longwood Medical for August 21–24, 2004. Please contact sales manager Jill Barry directly via phone, 617-532-6282, or email, jbarry@innatlongwood.com. Note that the last day to make reservations at the discounted rate was August 2, 2004; however, Jill may still be able to assist you. Please check with the hotel for their current room rates, and be sure to mention that you are with the Stata Users Group meeting. For more information, visit the hotel's website at www.bestwestern.com/prop_22028 or Best Western's website at www.bestwestern.com.

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

Please feel free to contact the organizers with any relevant questions.

The North American Stata Users Group Meeting Organizing Committee
Elizabeth Allred Kit Baum Nicholas J. Cox
lizard@hsph.harvard.edu baum@bc.edu n.j.cox@durham.ac.uk
Department of Biostatistics Department of Economics Department of Geography
Harvard School of Public Health Boston College and RePEc University of Durham
Rich Goldstein Peter A. Lachenbruch Marcello Pagano
richgold@ix.netcom.com lachenbruch@cber.fda.gov pagano@hsph.harvard.edu
consultant Director, Division of Biostatistics Department of Biostatistics
  OBE/CBER/FDA Harvard School of Public Health





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