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Third Italian Stata Users Group meeting

Photo by Kevin Connors
Dates: Monday and Tuesday, October 9–10, 2006
Venue: Hotel Artemide
Via Nazionale 22
Rome, Italy
Days attending Price per person
Day 1 only €80
Day 1 + course "Survey data analysis in Stata" €150
Day 1 + course "Analisi dei dati panel in Stata" €245

TStat S.r.l., certified distributor of Stata in Italy, is pleased to announce the Third Italian Stata Users Group meeting, which takes place on October 9–10, 2006, at the Hotel Artemide, Via Nazionale 22, Rome. The meeting is open to all Stata users. More information and registration details can be obtained from Paola di Rienzo (paola@tstat.it).

Preliminary program

Monday, October 9: Presentation of contributions
8:45–9:15 Registration
9:15–9:30 Welcome from the Scientific Committee
9:30–10:30 Session I: Invited Speaker (Chair: Marcello Pagano)

Teaching data documentation with Stata
Svend Juul
Institute of Public Health, Aarhus C, Denmark

10:30–10:45 Coffee break
10:45–12:30 Session II: User-written commands and routines I (Chair: Una-Louise Bell)

A comparative analysis of dynamic panel-data estimators in the presence of endogenous regressors
Giovanni S. F. Bruno
Università Bocconi

A Stata procedure for the deduplication of individual records: The INPS archive case
Orietta Dessy
Università Bocconi

Dynamic factor analysis with Stata
Alessandro Federici
Università di Roma “La Sapienza”

12:30–2:00 Lunch
2:00–3:45 Session III: User-written commands and routines II (Chair: Giovanni Capelli)

Estimating and modeling relative survival
Paul Dickman
Karolinska Institutet
Enzo Coviello
ASL BAT/1—Andria

Seminonparametric estimation of univariate and bivariate binary-choice models
Giuseppe de Luca
Unversità di Roma—“Tor Vergata”—ISFOL

Sensitivity analysis of epidemiological results
Nicola Orsini
Karolinska Institutet
Rino Bellocco
Karolinska Institutet, Università di Milano—Bicocca
Sander Greenland
UCLA School of Public Health
Alicja Wolk
Karolinska Institutet

3:45–4:30 Session IV: Exploiting the potential of Stata 9 I (Chair: Rino Bellocco)

Scheming your way to consistent graphs
Vince Wiggins
StataCorp, College Station, TX

4:30–4:45 Coffee break
4:45–5:45 Session V: Exploiting the potential of Stata 9 II (Chair: Rino Bellocco)

Using Stata to support the daily activities of a university curriculum:

  • Elaboration, printing and correction of written tests (open answer or multiple choice) integrating Stata and EPIDATA
  • Use of administrative datasets and elaboration on a student’s progression data
Giovanni Capelli
Bruno Federico
Università degli Studi di Cassino
5:45–6:15 Session VI: Applied studies using Stata (Chair: Giovanni Capelli)

School-to-work transitions for university graduates in Mauritius: A duration model approach
V. C. Jaunky
A. J. Khadaroo
University of Mauritius

The application of interrupted time series to a panel-data survey to evaluate the efficiency of medical training
Maria Angela Mazzi
Michela Rimondini
Corista Zimmerman
Università degli Studi di Verona

6:15–6:30 Intermission
6:30–7:00 Closing remarks
Vince Wiggins
Marcello Pagano
Harvard University

Tuesday, October 10: Training courses
9:00–1:00 Survey data analysis in Stata

The survey data analysis training will be given by Jeff Pitblado of StataCorp. During the training seminar, Jeff will discuss Stata’s features for analyzing survey and correlated data and will explain how and when to use the three major variance estimators for survey and correlated data: the linearization estimator, balanced repeated replications, and the clustered jackknife (the last two added in Stata 9).

Jeff will also discuss sampling designs and stratification, including Stata’s new features for estimation with data from multistage designs and for applying poststratification. A theme of the seminar will be how you can make inferences with correct coverage from data collected by single-stage or multistage surveys or from data with inherent correlation, such as data from longitudinal studies.

The survey data course will be given in English.

9:00–6:00 Analisi dei dati panel in Stata (in Italiano)

L’obiettivo di questo corso è di fornire ai partecipanti un’introduzione alla strumentazione teorica e applicata necessarie per poter svolgere autonomamente analisi empiriche con dati panel. Durante il corso verranno trattati i seguenti argomenti:

  • Gestione de dati panel in Stata
  • Il modello di regressione ad effetti “fissi”
  • Il modello di regressione ad effetti “random”
  • Test di correlazione dell’errore, nel tempo e tra individui, nei modelli panel
  • Test di esteroschedasticità
  • Correzione degli standard errors per la correlazione e l’eteroschedasticà negli errori
  • Modelli panel con effetti temporali
  • Sbilanciamento nei dati
  • Modelli con variabili esplicative endogene: stimatori panel a variabili strumentali

Registration and accommodations

For registration details, please contact Paolo di Rienzo of TStat S.r.l:

Tel: +39 0864 210101
Email: paola@tstat.it

The meeting is being organized by TStat S.r.l. (http://www.tstat.it), the certified distributor of Stata in Italy.



Scientific committee: Logistics coordinator:
Una-Louise Bell
TStat S.r.l.

Rino Bellocco
Karolinska Institutet

Giovanni Capelli
Università degli Studi di Cassino

Marcello Pagano
Harvard School of Public Health

Paola di Rienzo
TStat S.r.l.





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