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2nd German Stata Users Group meeting

Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB)
Photo used with permission of the WZB
Date: Monday, 5 April 2004
Venue: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB)
Reichpietschufer 50
D-10785 Berlin
Cost:regular 15 €; students 10 €

The second German Stata Users Group Meeting will be held on Monday, 5 April 2004 in Berlin at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB).

The content of the meeting is being organized by Johannes Giesecke, Humboldt University Berlin (johannes.giesecke@rz.hu-berlin.de) and Ulrich Kohler, WZB (kohler@wz-berlin.de).

Presentations will focus on three main topics: user-written Stata programs, research and teaching experience using Stata, and critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields. The conference language was in English due to the 'international' nature of the meeting and the participation of non-German guest speakers.


(Click on the title to view the abstract and additional information.)

08:30 Registration and coffee/tea
09:00 Welcome

Part I: User-written Stata programs

09:15 Circular statistics in Stata, revisited
Nicholas J. Cox
Durham University, UK
09:55 Fitting functional forms to distributions, using -ml-
Stephen P. Jenkins
ISER, University of Essex
10:35 Coffee break, refreshments
10:50 Tabulation of multiple response sets, revisited
Ben Jann
ETH Zurich
11:20 Playing with Stata dialogs: An enhanced recent file list
Dankwart Plattner
KfW Frankfurt
11:50 Biplots, revisited
Ulrich Kohler
12:20 Lunch

Part II: General Statistics

14:00 Generalized partially linear models
Roberto Gutierrez
14:40 Conditional logit versus random coefficient models: an analysis using GLLAMM
Peter Haan
15:10 Coffee break, refreshments

Part III: Applications

15:20 Effects of macroeconomic uncertainty on leverage for US non-financial firm
Andreas Stephan
European University Viadrina, DIW
Oleksandr Talavera
European University Viadrina, DIW
15:50 The potential determinants of German firms' technical efficiency: An application using industry level data
Andreas Stephan
European University Viadrina
Oleg Badunenko
European University Viadrina
16:20 Coffee break, refreshments
16:30 Influence of fertility on women's participation in the labor market and their wages — the alternative cost of having a child
Joanna Cieciel
Department of Economics, University of Warsaw
Andrzej Tomoszewski
Department of Economics, University of Warsaw

Part IV: Simply Stata

17:00 Stata and the newcomer
Svend Juul
Department of Epidemiology and Social Medicine, University of Aarhus, Denmark
17:30 Coffee break, refreshments
17:40 Report to Users
Alan Riley
18:10 Wishes and grumbles
18:45 Planning of the 3rd Stata Users Group meeting 2005
19:00 End of meeting

Registration and accommodations

Registration is now closed.

The logistics of the conference was organized by Dittrich and Partner, distributor of Stata in several countries including Germany and Austria (www.dpc.de).

The German Stata Users Group Meeting Organizers
Johannes Giesecke Ulrich Kohler
johannes.giesecke@rz.hu-berlin.de kohler@wz-berlin.de
Humboldt University Berlin Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin





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