Combined Dutch & German meeting: Program announcement

The second meeting of the Dutch Stata users will be held at Maastricht University on Thursday, May 23, 2002. It will be held in the Auditorium (Aula), Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht, The Netherlands from 10.15–18.05. See for information about the university and see for directions on finding the Tongersestraat location.

This meeting will actually be a Dutch/German/Belgian meeting. The academic content has been organized by Wim van Putten ( and Alexander Volovics ( The backers of the meeting are Smit Consult, and DPC,, the distributors of Stata in the Netherlands and Germany respectively. We are expecting participants and speakers from Holland, Belgium, and Germany. But everybody, from anywhere, interested in using Stata is welcome to attend.

Participation at this meeting, coffee and tea included, is free of charge. Lunch, however, is not free of charge. We do urge you to enroll as quickly as possible so that we have some idea of the number of people coming.

You can enroll by contacting Nina Brands ( by email or by writing, phoning, or faxing to

Smit Consult
Postbus 220
5150 AE Drunen

Tel: (31)(0) 416 378 125
Fax: (31)(0) 416 378 385

German users interested in attending can also contact Dirk Engels (


Thursday, 23 May 2002

10:15–10:30 Reception
10:30–10:35 Introduction and welcome
10:35–11:15 The use of fractional polynomials to model interactions between treatment and continuous covariates in clinical trials
Patrick Royston
MRC Clinical Trials Unit, London
11:15–11:45 Graphics before and after model fitting
Nick Cox
Department of Geography, Durham University, UK
11:45–12:00 Transferring data with outdat.ado
Ulrich Kohler
Dept. of Social Sciences, Mannheim University
12:00–12:15 Coffee
12:15–12:55 Multilevel selection models using GLLAMM
Sophia Rabe–Hesketh
Inst. of Psychiatry, Kings College, London
12:55–13:10 Query your data with QD
Ron van der Holt
Dept. of Statistics, AZR, Rotterdam
13:10–14:05 Lunch
14:05–14:20 How to keep track of your ado-files
Wilfried Graveland
Dept. of Statistics, AZR, Rotterdam
14:20–14:45 Goodness of fit for quantal response models
Jeroen Weesie
Dept. of Sociology, Utrecht University
14:45–15:15 Classification and regression tree analysis (CART) with Stata
Wim van Putten
Dept. of Statistics, AZR, Rotterdam
15:15–15:30 Tea
15:30–16:10 Programmable GLM: a collection of case studies
Roberto Gutierrez
StataCorp, College Station, TX
16:10–16:35 Tools for income mobility analysis in Stata
Philippe van Kerm
16:35–17:05 The usefulness of Stata in the analysis of complex veterinary surveys
Niko Speybroeck
Dept. of Animal Health, ITG, Antwerpen
17:05–17:15 Tea
17:15–17:55 Report to users
William Gould
StataCorp, College Station, TX
17:55–18:05 Discussion: Wishes and grumbles
18:05 Tea

See for the proceedings of other user-group meetings.





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