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Combined Dutch & German meeting: Original announcement

The second meeting of the Dutch Stata users will be held at Maastricht University on Thursday, May 23, 2002. It will be held in the Auditorium (Aula), Tongersestraat 53, Maastricht, The Netherlands from 10.30-17.30. See http://www.unimaas.nl/index_uk.htm?index_uk.htm for information about the university and see http://www.personeel.unimaas.nl/R.Walczuch/route.htm for directions on finding the Tongersestraat location.

This meeting will actually be a Dutch/German/Belgian meeting. The backers of the meeting are Smit Consult, http://www.smitconsult.nl and DPC, http://www.dpc.de, the distributors of Stata in the Netherlands and Germany respectively. We are expecting participants and speakers from Holland, Belgium, and Germany. But everybody, from anywhere, interested in using Stata is welcome to attend.

The academic content is being organized by Wim van Putten (putten@stah.azr.nl) and Alexander Volovics (awol@home.nl). The meeting will consist of the presentation of papers with room for discussion. Presentations must focus on user-written Stata programs, case studies of research or teaching, using Stata and surveys, or critiques of Stata facilities in specific fields.

We already have some interesting speakers but there is still room for a few presentations, especially for shorter presentations of about 10 minutes in length. You can send offers of papers to Alexander Volovics (awol@home.nl) or Wim van Putten (putten@stah.azr.nl). Papers must be presented in English on account of the 'international' nature of the meeting and the participation of guest speakers from Stata and England.

We are delighted that William Gould (President, StataCorp) and Roberto Gutierrez (Director of Statistics, StataCorp) will be able to come and give a talk. We are also delighted to have as guest speakers Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Patrick Royston, and Nick Cox, well known to Stata users for their excellent contributions to the STB and SJ.

Participation at this meeting, coffee and tea included, is free of charge. Lunch, however, is not free of charge. We do urge you to enroll as quickly as possible so that we have some idea of the number of people coming. People interested in giving a presentation are also urged to contact Wim van Putten or Alexander Volovics as soon as possible.

When we can put together a definite program with a list of speakers it will be posted on the Stata website and mailed to the Stata users.

You can enroll by contacting Nina Brands (nina@smitconsult.nl) by email or by writing, phoning, or faxing to

Smit Consult
Postbus 220
5150 AE Drunen

Tel: (31)(0) 416 378 125
Fax: (31)(0) 416 378 385

German users interested in attending can also contact Dirk Engels (dirk.engels@dpc.de).

We hope to see you in Maastricht on May 23 where you can help us make this an exciting and interesting event.

See http://www.stata.com/meeting/proceedings.html for the proceedings of other user-group meetings.





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