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Wishes and grumbles

(by Jeroen Weesie)

During the North American Stata User Group meeting, the usual Wishes and Grumbles session yielded a wide range of requests for new features of Stata. Bill Gould replied to these requests, sometimes with a promise (meaning, it is very likely that it will be done); sometimes with the more cautious reply that StataCorp will carefully consider the feasability of the request; and sometimes with a frown. You are free to interprete this nonverbal form of communication yourself. Then again, given that Stata can be extended relatively easily, someone outside of StataCorp may run off with the idea, and submit a solution to the IDEAS archive or to the Stata Technical Bulletin.

Features to commands

New functions/commands

Interface issues


Personally I was pleased to see that many requests were fairly realistic. This is reflected by Bill Gould's many positive requests. Of course, it would be nice that Stata were able to do mixed models, structural equations, bayesian statistics, and boil coffee all at the same time ...






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