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Proceedings of the 1st Spanish user group meeting

1st Spanish user group meeting
Córdoba, Spain
20–21 May, 1999


The first Spanish User's meeting was held the 20th and 21st of May in Cordoba. The meeting was chaired by Aurelio Tobias and approximately 20 people attended the two-day meeting.

The meetings were held at the Hotel NH Amisted where most or all of the participants also stayed. Arrangements were made by Arancha Garvey of Timberlake, Spain and, in case no one properly thanked her at the time, we would like to do so now. It would be difficult to imagine a more pleasant setting.

After an introduction by Aurelio Tobias there were six presentations by Stata users plus two presentations by members of StataCorp's staff: Mario Cleves spoke on Survival Analysis the first day and Bill Gould spoke on programming on the second.

Nearly everyone attended the dinner following the first day's meeting at a local restaurant within walking distance of the hotel, El Caballo Rojo (Cardenal Herrero 28). This being Spain, dinner was at 9:00 followed by a lengthy sobremesa and, the next morning, there was evidence that a few participants had decided to continue festivities after that.

Abstracts of papers are posted below.

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