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First Stata Users Group meeting in Germany

Notice of meeting and call for contributions

Date: Tuesday, 12th August 2003
Time: 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Venue: Humboldt University, Berlin
Audience: Stata users of all levels of experience and all disciplines

The first Stata users meeting ever held in Germany will take place at Humboldt University in Berlin on 12 August 2003, which is one day before the 54th session of the International Statistical Institute.

William Gould, President of StataCorp, will participate in the meeting, along with Ulrich Kohler, author of Datenanalyse mit Stata. This meeting provides a great opportunity for Stata users in Germany to meet each other, share their experiences, and learn more about the power of Stata from speakers and scientific papers.

The meeting is being organized by Dittrich & Partner, the German distributor of Stata. For more information about attending the meeting or presenting talks or papers, please contact Anke Mrosek (anke.mrosek@dpc.de).

Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH
Kieler Str. 17
D-42697 Solingen
Phone: +49-212-2606632





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