Stata 15 help for webdescribe


[D] webdescribe -- Describe data over the web


Describe data over the web

webdescribe filename [, describe_options]

Report URL from which data will be described

webdescribe query

Specify URL from which data will be described

webdescribe set URL

Reset URL to default

webdescribe set

webdescribe_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main short display only general information varlist store r(varlist) and r(sortlist) in addition to usual stored results; programmer's option -------------------------------------------------------------------------


webdescribe produces a summary of the Stata-format dataset located by appending filename to the URL.

When setting URL, you can specify just the name of the website, but it will not produce an error if you prepend http:// or append the trailing slash.

Using webdescribe set URL enables you to describe multiple datasets from the same URL without having to specify the URL each time. This is a convenience command that simply calls describe with the appropriate option to describe a file located at URL. The two examples below are equivalent.

The name, storage type, display format, value label, and variable label for each variable along with summary information about the dataset are displayed by default.


+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

short displays only the summary information about the dataset: number of observations, number of variables, size, sort order, dataset label, and the time the file was last saved.

varlist, an option for programmers, specifies that, in addition to the usual stored results, r(varlist) and r(sortlist) also be stored. r(varlist) contains the names of the variables in the dataset. r(sortlist) contains the names of the variables by which the data are sorted.


. webdescribe census . webdescribe cancer, short . webdescribe set . webdescribe set . webdescribe query . webdescribe set

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