Stata 15 help for version_missing


[P] version, missing -- Set version to use modern treatment of missing values


version #, missing

version #, missing: command


version #, missing requests the modern treatment of missing values. missing is allowed only when # is less than 8 (because otherwise, modern treatment of missing values is implied).

Before version 8, there was only one missing value (.). To keep old programs working, when version is less than 8, Stata acts as if . = .a = .b = ... = .z. Thus old lines, such as "...if x!=.", continue to exclude all missing observations.

Specifying missing will cause old programs to break. The only reason to specify missing is that you want to update the old program to distinguish between missing-value codes and you do want to update it to be modern in other ways. Few, if any, programs need this.

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