Stata 15 help for use

[D] use -- Load Stata dataset


Load Stata-format dataset

use filename [, clear nolabel]

Load subset of Stata-format dataset

use [varlist] [if] [in] using filename [, clear nolabel]


File > Open...


use loads into memory a Stata-format dataset previously saved by save. If filename is specified without an extension, .dta is assumed. If your filename contains embedded spaces, remember to enclose it in double quotes.

In the second syntax for use, a subset of the data may be read.


clear specifies that it is okay to replace the data in memory, even though the current data have not been saved to disk.

nolabel prevents value labels in the saved data from being loaded. It is unlikely that you will ever want to specify this option.


. use . replace rep78 = 3 in 12

. use, clear . keep make price mpg rep78 weight foreign . save myauto

. use make rep78 foreign using myauto . describe

. use if foreign == 0 using myauto . tab foreign, nolabel . use using myauto if foreign==1 . tab foreign, nolabel

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