Stata 15 help for update

[R] update -- Check for official updates


Report on update level of currently installed Stata


Set update source

update from location

Compare update level of currently installed Stata with that of source

update query [, from(location)]

Perform update if necessary

update all [, from(location) detail force exit]

Set automatic updates (Mac and Windows only)

set update_query {on|off} set update_interval # set update_prompt {on|off}


Help > Check for updates


The update command reports on the current update level and installs official updates to Stata. Official updates are updates to Stata as it was originally shipped from StataCorp, not the additions to Stata published in, for instance, the Stata Journal (SJ). Those additions are installed using the net command and updated using the adoupdate command; see [R] net and [R] adoupdate.

update without arguments reports on the update level of the currently installed Stata.

update from sets an update source, which may be a directory name or URL. If you are on the Internet, type update from

update query compares the update level of the currently installed Stata with that available from the update source and displays a report.

update all updates all necessary files. This is what you should type to check for and install updates.

set update_query determines if update query is to be automatically performed when Stata is launched. Only Mac and Windows platforms can be set for automatic updating.

set update_interval # sets the number of days to elapse before performing the next automatic update query. The default # is 7. The interval starts from the last time an update query was performed (automatically or manually). Only Mac and Windows platforms can be set for automatic updating.

set update_prompt determines whether a dialog is to be displayed before performing an automatic update query. The dialog allows you to perform an update query now, perform one the next time Stata is launched, perform one after the next interval has passed, or disable automatic update query. Only Mac and Windows platforms can be set for automatic updating.


from(location) specifies the location of the update source. You can specify the from() option on the individual update commands or use the update from command. Which you do makes no difference. You typically do not need to use this option.

detail specifies to display verbose output during the update process.

force specifies to force downloading of all files even if, based on the date comparison, Stata does not think it is necessary. There is seldom a reason to specify this option.

exit instructs Stata to exit when the update has successfully completed. There is seldom a reason to specify this option.


. update query (compare what you have with update source)

. update all (update all necessary files)

Stored results

update without a subcommand, update from, and update query store the following in r():

Scalars r(inst_exe) date of executable installed (*) r(avbl_exe) date of executable available over web (*) (**) r(inst_ado) date of ado-files installed (*) r(avbl_ado) date of ado-files available over web (*) (**) r(inst_utilities) date of utilities installed (*) r(avbl_utilities) date of utilities available over web (*) (**) r(inst_docs) date of documentation installed (*) r(avbl_docs) date of documentation available over web (*) (**)

Macros r(name_exe) name of the Stata executable r(dir_exe) directory in which executable is stored r(dir_ado) directory in which ado-files are stored r(dir_utilities) directory in which utilities are stored r(dir_docs) directory in which PDF documentation is stored


* Dates are stored as integers counting the number of days since January 1, 1960; see [D] datetime.

** These dates are not stored by update without a subcommand because update by itself reports information solely about the local computer and does not check what is available on the web.

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