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Undocumented commands


An undocumented command is a command of very limited interest, usually interesting only to Stata programmers, and is used by StataCorp in developing Stata.

Undocumented commands are documented in the system help, but their documentation does not appear in the PDF manuals. That undocumented commands are documented at all shows the "openness" of the Stata software.

Undocumented commands may change their syntax or behavior in subsequent releases of Stata, though this is rare, so use them with caution.

See whatsnew for a list of additions and fixes that have been made to Stata. See updates, or click here, to obtain the latest additions to Stata. See previously documented commands for information about commands that are no longer an official part of Stata.

Links to undocumented commands

The following tables provide links to undocumented commands. The links have been grouped by the manual they would have been in if they were documented.

Base ([R]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [R] dtaverify verify .dta file construction [R] dtaversion report format and version of .dta file [R] margins, generate() create margin response variables in the current dataset [R] margins, plot() margins and marginsplot in one step [R] margins, saving() save margins results to a dataset [R] marginsplot using plot margins results from a dataset [R] mat_capp operate on matrices by names rather than positions [R] minbound minimize a scalar function on a range [R] qby combination of quietly and by [R] set ctrlh set behavior of Ctrl+H for command-line editing in Unix (console) [R] set insertmode set behavior of command-line editing in Unix (console) -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Data Management ([D]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [D] bitowt convert binary freq. records to freq.-weighted data [D] import shp import and export a shapefile [D] obs advice advice on 2+ billion observations [D] _mkcross cross variables with automatic short value labels [D] _rename rename variable [D] sysdescribe describe shipped dataset [D] unicode advice advice on using Unicode [D] webdescribe describe data over the web -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Graphics ([G]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [G-2] _check4gropts check for illegal graph options [G-2] di_g display debug messages in graph commands [G-2] _get_gropts parse graph options [G-2] gs_fileinfo obtain information about .gph file [G-2] gs_filetype determine type of .gph file [G-2] gs_graphinfo obtain information about memory graph [G-2] gs_stat verify (non)existence of graph [G-2] _matplot scatterplot of a matrix [G-2] _natscale obtain nice label or tick values [G-2] _tsnatscale obtain nice label or tick values for time series [G-2] twoway__function_gen parse and generate variables for twoway function [G-2] twoway__histogram_gen generate variables for twoway histogram [G-2] twoway__kdensity_gen parse and generate variables for twoway kdensity [G-2] twoway mata twoway graphs from mata matrices [G-2] twoway sunflower graph density-distribution sunflower plots [G-4] labelstyle formal definition of markerlabelstyle [G-4] sunflowerstyle expanded pstyle used for twoway sunflower -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Longitudinal-Data/ Panel-Data ([XT]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [XT] _xt verify data are xtset [XT] _xtstrbal verify data are strongly balanced -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mata ([M]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [M-2] doppelganger library double of built-in function [M-3] matalabel create column vectors in Mata containing value labels [M-5] arfimaacf() autocovariance functions [M-5] arfimapsdensity() parametric spectral density functions [M-5] _factorsym() factor a symmetric nonnegative-definite matrix [M-5] _gauss_hermite_nodes() Gauss-Hermite quadrature [M-5] _lsfitqr() least-squares regression using QR decomposition [M-5] moptimize_init_mlopts() ml options parser for moptimize() [M-5] panelsum() panel sums [M-5] _parse_colon() parse prefix command [M-5] regexm() regular expression match [M-5] ustrregexm() Unicode regular expression match [M-5] robust() robust variance estimates [M-5] SPMATbanded() banded matrix operators [M-5] st_fopen() open file the Stata way [M-5] st_freadsignature() read/write standard Stata file signature [M-5] st_lchar() obtain/set "long" characteristics [M-5] st_matrix_list() list a Stata matrix [M-5] st_ms_unab() unabbreviate matrix stripe elements [M-5] st_ms_utils() matrix stripe utilities [M-5] subdiagget() extract matrix subdiagonals [M-5] timer() profile code [M-5] toeplitzsolve() solve linear systems using Toeplitz matrix [M-5] trace_ABBAV() obtain trace of a special matrix [M-5] trace_AVBV() obtain trace of a special matrix [M-5] ucmpsdensity parametric spectral density of a time-series stochastic cycle [M-5] vech_lower() same as vech() but omits the main diagonal -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Multivariate Statistics ([MV]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [MV] parse_dissim parse similarity and dissimilarity measures -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Programming ([P]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [P] anova_terms obtain anova or manova terms [P] anovadef obtain anova or manova term definitions [P] _assert_mreldif assert two matrices are the same [P] _cassert verify two strings are equal [P] _b_pclass utility for constructing e(b_pclass) [P] _check_lrmodel utility for checking option lrmodel [P] _check_omit utility for checking collinearity behavior [P] checkdlgfiles check dialog files for linkage errors [P] checkhlpfiles check help files for linkage errors [P] _cmdxel parse commands with expression lists [P] _coef_table display estimation results [P] _coef_table_header automatic headers for coefficient tables [P] _confirm_date confirm a date string is given in a valid format [P] copysource copy source code to current directory [P] _crcar1 compute AR(1) rho from residuals [P] cscript begin a certification script [P] cscript_log begin or end a certification script log [P] dialog_undocumented undocumented dialog features [P] _diparm display ancillary parameters [P] dirstats report number of files in lettered subdirectories [P] dta_equal assert datasets equal [P] _eqlist general-purpose class for managing equation specifications [P] expr_query obtain variables used by expression [P] find_hlp_file find help files [P] _fv_check_depvar check for factor variables in list of dependent variables [P] _getcovcorr parse corr. and covariance matrix options [P] _getfilename handle path-filename specifications [P] _get_diopts parse standard display options for estimation commands [P] _get_diparmopts handle multiple transform. of ancillary param. [P] _get_eformopts parse the multiple forms of eform() [P] _get_eqspec identify equation elements from coefficient vector [P] _get_offopt obtain offset information [P] inten numeric base conversion [P] keyfiles explanation of .key files used by search [P] _labels2names make Stata names for each level of a variable [P] lrecomp display log relative errors [P] _make_constraints make a constraint matrix from a constraints() specification [P] _massert verify two matrices are equal [P] _matrix_table display matrix as a table [P] _mgarch_p_names parse new variable lists for mgarch postestimation [P] mkassert generate asserts for Stata objects [P] _mkvec process from() option prior to ml model [P] ml hold call ml recursively [P] mlopts parse ml options [P] moptobj recallable ML evaluator [P] _ms_at_parse parse at() specifications for postestimation commands [P] _ms_balance adjust e(b) by balancing factor-variable covariates [P] _ms_build_info build extra factor-variables information into column stripes [P] _ms_display display matrix stripe element [P] _ms_dydx_parse parse dydx() specifications for postestimation commands [P] _ms_element_info matrix stripe element information [P] _ms_empty_info matrix stripe information on elements flagged as empty cells [P] _ms_eq_display display matrix stripe equation [P] _ms_eq_info matrix stripe equation information [P] _ms_lf_info matrix stripe linear form information [P] _ms_extract_varlist match variables from e(b) [P] _ms_findomitted find and flag omitted matrix elements [P] _ms_modify modify column stripes [P] _ms_omit_info matrix stripe collinearity information [P] _ms_op_info matrix stripe operator information [P] _ms_parse_parts parse a single matrix stripe element [P] _ms_put_omit add o. operators to a matrix stripe element [P] _ms_split matrix stripe splitting tools [P] _ms_unab unabbreviate matrix stripe elements [P] _mtest perform multiple (simultaneous) testing adjustment [P] _nobs count the number of observations [P] notes_ commands for use with notes [P] _on_colon_parse parse based on colon [P] opts_exclusive error message for mutually exclusive options [P] _parse parse complicated syntax (for instance, graph) [P] _pb_exp_list general-purpose class for managing parentheses-bound expression lists [P] postrtoe move results from r() into e() [P] _pred_se add single-equation extensions to predict [P] _prefix overview of tools for prefix commands [P] profiler profile Stata programs [P] projmanager open Stata Project Manager [P] _qsort_index sort a list of words [P] rcof verify return code [P] _recast change storage type of variable [P] _restore_labels restore value labels to variables [P] _rmcoll2list check for collinearity in the union of two lists of variables [P] _rmcollright remove collinear variables from the right [P] _sassert verify two scalars are equal [P] _score_spec parse syntax for generating score variables [P] set buildfvinfo build extra factor-variables information into parameter estimates [P] set coeftabresults set whether coefficient table results are saved [P] set fvtrack keep track of levels for factor variables [P] set prefix add a prefix name to c(prefix) [P] set sortseed set the seed used to break ties in sorts [P] storedresults manipulate and verify r() and e() results [P] _strip_labels remove value labels from variables [P] _stubstar2names parse new variable lists [P] _tab generate simple tables [P] _unab unabbreviate variable list from matrix stripe element [P] _vassert verify two variables are equal [P] _vce_parse parse the vce() option [P] _vce_parserun parse options vce(bootstrap) and vce(jackknife) [P] version, missing set version to use modern treatment of missing values -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Structural Equation Modeling ([SEM]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SEM] gsem fvstandard keep track of levels for factor variables [SEM] webgetsem open SEM example path diagram -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Survival ([ST]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ST] stcox, forceshared force estimation of a shared-frailty survival model [ST] streg, forceshared force estimation of a shared-frailty survival model -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Survey ([SVY]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [SVY] brrstat report results from balanced repeated replication [SVY] is_svy determine if last estimation was svy class [SVY] jkstat report jackknife results [SVY] _svy_mkdeff calculate survey design effects [SVY] _svy_mkmeff calculate survey misspecification effects [SVY] svy_parsing checking options for community-contributed commands used with the svy prefix [SVY] _svy_setup retrieve svy settings and adjust weights [SVY] svycal calibration adjusted sampling weights [SVY] svygen generate adjusted sampling weights -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Time-Series ([TS]) Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TS] _sep_varsylags return the lag structure of varlist [TS] _ts verify data are tsset -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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