Stata 15 help for twoway_sunflower


[G-2] twoway sunflower -- Density-distribution sunflower plots


twoway sunflower yvar xvar [weight] [if exp] [in range] [, sunflower_options scatter_options twoway_options]

fweights, are allowed; see weights.


twoway sunflower is a special type of twoway graph. We recommend the sunflower command over twoway sunflower; see [R] sunflower.

Options sunflower_options affect the rendition of the sunflowers and bins; see [R] sunflower.

scatter_options affect the rendition of the plotted points; see [G-2] graph twoway scatter.

twoway_options are any of the options documented in [G-3] twoway_options. These include options for titling the graph (see [G-3] title_options), options for saving the graph to disk (see [G-3] saving_option), and the by() option (see [G-3] by_option).

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