Stata 15 help for twoway rline

[G-2] graph twoway rline -- Range plot with lines


twoway rline y1var y2var xvar [if] [in] [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- vertical vertical plot; the default horizontal horizontal plot

connect_options change rendition of lines connecting points

axis_choice_options associate plot with alternative axis

twoway_options titles, legends, axes, added lines and text, by, regions, name, aspect ratio, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All explicit options are rightmost, except vertical and horizontal, which are unique; see repeated options.


Graphics > Twoway graph (scatter, line, etc.)


A range plot has two y variables, such as high and low daily stock prices or upper and lower 95% confidence limits.

twoway rline plots the upper and lower ranges by using lines.


vertical and horizontal specify whether the high and low y values are to be presented vertically (the default) or horizontally.

In the default vertical case, y1var and y2var record the minimum and maximum (or maximum and minimum) y values to be graphed against each xvar value.

If horizontal is specified, the values recorded in y1var and y2var are plotted in the x direction and xvar is treated as the y value.

connect_options change the rendition of the lines connecting the points, including sorting, handling missing observations, and the look of the line -- line thickness, pattern, and color. For details, see [G-3] connect_options.

axis_choice_options associate the plot with a particular y or x axis on the graph; see [G-3] axis_choice_options.

twoway_options are a set of common options supported by all twoway graphs. These options allow you to title graphs, name graphs, control axes and legends, add lines and text, set aspect ratios, create graphs over by() groups, and change some advanced settings. See [G-3] twoway_options.


Visually, there is no difference between

. twoway rline y1var y2var xvar


. twoway line y1var xvar || line y2var xvar, pstyle(p1)

The two lines are presented in the same overall style, meaning color, thickness, and pattern.

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