Stata 15 help for timeout2

[R] netio -- Control Internet connections


Turn on or off the use of a proxy server

set httpproxy {on|off} [, init]

Set proxy host name

set httpproxyhost ["]name["]

Set the proxy port number

set httpproxyport #

Turn on or off proxy authorization

set httpproxyauth {on|off}

Set proxy authorization user ID

set httpproxyuser ["]name["]

Set proxy authorization password

set httpproxypw ["]password["]

Set time limit for establishing initial connection

set timeout1 #seconds [, permanently ]

Set time limit for data transfer

set timeout2 #seconds [, permanently]


Several commands (for example, net, news, and update) are designed specifically for use over the Internet. Many other Stata commands that read a file (for example, copy, type, and use) can also read directly from a URL. All of these commands will usually work without your ever needing to concern yourself with the set commands discussed here. These set commands provide control over network system parameters.

If you experience problems when using Stata's network features, ask your system administrator if your site uses a proxy. A proxy is a server between your computer and the rest of the Internet, and your computer may need to communicate with other computers on the Internet through this proxy. If your site uses a proxy, your system administrator can provide you with its host name and the port your computer can use to communicate with it. If your site's proxy requires you to log in to it before it will respond, your system administrator will provide you with a user ID and password.

set httpproxyhost sets the name of the host to be used as a proxy server. set httpproxyport sets the port number. set httpproxy turns on or off the use of a proxy server, leaving the proxy host name and port intact, even when not in use. See r(677) for more information.

Under the Mac and Windows operating systems, when you set httpproxy on, Stata will attempt to obtain the values of httpproxyhost and httpproxyport from the operating system if they have not been previously set. set httpproxy on, init attempts to obtain these values from the operating system, even if they have been previously set.

If the proxy requires authorization (user ID and password), set authorization on via set httpproxyauth on. The proxy user and proxy password must also be set to the appropriate user ID and password by using set httpproxyuser and set httpproxypw.

Stata remembers the various proxy settings between sessions and does not need a permanently option.

set timeout1 changes the time limit in seconds that Stata imposes for establishing the initial connection with a remote host. The default value is 30. set timeout2 changes the time limit in seconds that Stata imposes for subsequent data transfer with the host. The default value is 180. If these time limits are exceeded, a "connection timed out" message and error code 2 are produced; see r(2). You should seldom need to change these settings.


init specifies that set httpproxy on attempts to initialize httpproxyhost and httpproxyport from the operating system (Mac and Windows only).

permanently specifies that, in addition to making the change right now, the timeout1 and timeout2 settings be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.

The various httpproxy settings do not have a permanently option because permanently is implied.

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