Stata 15 help for textsizestyle

[G-4] textsizestyle -- Choices for the size of text


textsizestyle Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- zero no size whatsoever, vanishingly small

minuscule smallest quarter_tiny third_tiny half_tiny tiny vsmall small medsmall medium medlarge large vlarge huge vhuge largest

tenth one-tenth the size of the graph quarter one-fourth the size of the graph third one-third the size of the graph half one-half the size of the graph full text the size of the graph

relativesize any size you want -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other textsizestyles may be available; type

. graph query textsizestyle

to obtain the complete list of textsizestyles installed on your computer.


textsizestyle specifies the size of the text.

textsizestyle is specified inside options such as the size() suboption of title() (see [G-3] title_options):

. graph ..., title("My title", size(textsizestyle)) ...

Also see [G-3] textbox_options for information on other characteristics of text.

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