Stata 15 help for teffects

[TE] teffects -- Treatment-effects estimation for observational data


teffects subcommand ... [, options]

subcommand Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- aipw augmented inverse-probability weighting ipw inverse-probability weighting ipwra inverse-probability-weighted regression adjustment nnmatch nearest-neighbor matching overlap overlap plots psmatch propensity-score matching ra regression adjustment -------------------------------------------------------------------------


teffects estimates potential-outcome means (POMs), average treatment effects (ATEs), and average treatment effects on the treated (ATETs) using observational data. Regression-adjustment, inverse-probability-weighted, and matching estimators are provided, as are doubly robust methods that combine regression adjustment and inverse-probability weighting. teffects overlap plots the estimated densities of the probability of getting each treatment level.

The outcomes can be continuous, binary, count, fractional, or nonnegative. The treatment model can be binary, or it can be multinomial, allowing for multivalued treatments.

For a brief description and example of each estimator, see Remarks in teffects intro.

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