Stata 15 help for tebalance box

[TE] tebalance box -- Covariate balance box


Box plots for the propensity score

tebalance box [, options]

Box plots for a covariate

tebalance box varname [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main boxlook_options graph box options controlling how the box looks legending_options graph box options controlling how the variables are labeled axis_options graph box options controlling how numerical y axis is labeled title_and_other_options graph box options controlling titles, added text, aspect ratio, etc. by_option suboptions inside by() controlling plots by raw and matched samples -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Statistics > Treatment effects > Balance > Graphs


tebalance box produces box plots that are used to check for balance in matched samples after teffects nnmatch and teffects psmatch.


+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

boxlook_options are any of the options documented in boxlook_options in [G-2] graph box.

legending_options are any of the options documented in legending_options in [G-2] graph box.

axis_options are any of the options documented in axis_options in [G-2] graph box.

title_and_other_options are any of the options, except by(), documented in title_and_other_options in [G-2] graph box. tebalance box uses by() to differentiate between raw and matched samples, and some twoway_options will be repeated for by graph and might be better specified as byopts().

by_options are any of the byopts documented in [G-3] by_options. byopts() generally affects the entire graph, and some by_options may be better specified as twoway_options; see [G-3] twoway_options.


Setup . webuse cattaneo2

Estimate the effect of a mother's smoking behavior (mbsmoke) on the birthweight of her child (bweight), controlling for marital status (mmarried), the mother's age (mage), whether the mother had a prenatal doctor's visit in the baby's first trimester (prenatal1), and whether this baby is the mother's first child (fbaby) . teffects psmatch (bweight) (mbsmoke mmarried mage prenatal1 fbaby), generate(matchv)

Now we look at the box plots . tebalance box mage

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