Stata 15 help for svymarkout

[SVY] svymarkout -- Mark observations for exclusion on the basis of survey characteristics


svymarkout [markvar]


svymarkout is a programmer's command that resets the values of markvar to contain 0 wherever any of the survey-characteristic variables (previously set by svyset) contain missing values.


svymarkout assumes that markvar was created by marksample or mark; see [P] mark. This command is most helpful for developing estimation commands that use ml to fit models using maximum pseudolikelihood directly, instead of relying on the svy prefix; see [P] program properties for a discussion of how to write programs to be used with the svy prefix.


program mysvyprogram, ... ... syntax ... marksample touse svymarkout `touse' ... end

Stored results

svymarkout stores the following in s():

Macros s(weight) weight variable set by svyset

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