Stata 15 help for svylogit

Out-of-date commands

These commands have been replaced by the svy prefix command in Stata version 9 (and later). The old command names continue to work.

Old command New command ----------- --------------- svygnbreg svy: gnbreg svyheckman svy: heckman svyheckprob svy: heckprob svyintreg svy: intreg svyivreg svy: ivreg svylogit svy: logit svymean svy: mean svymlogit svy: mlogit svynbreg svy: nbreg svyologit svy: ologit svyoprobit svy: oprobit svypoisson svy: poisson svyprobit svy: probit svyprop svy: proportion svyratio svy: ratio svyregress svy: regress svytab svy: tabulate svytotal svy: total

See the help for the new commands listed above.

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