Stata 15 help for survey

[SVY] survey -- Introduction to survey commands


Stata's facilities for survey data are centered around the svy prefix command. This overview organizes and presents the commands conceptually, that is, according to the similarities in the functions that they perform.

Survey design tools

[SVY] svyset Declare survey design for dataset [SVY] svydescribe Describe survey data

Survey data analysis tools

[SVY] svy The survey prefix command [SVY] svy estimation Estimation commands for survey data [SVY] svy: tabulate oneway One-way tables for survey data [SVY] svy: tabulate twoway Two-way tables for survey data [SVY] svy postestimation Postestimation tools for svy [SVY] estat Postestimation statistics for survey data, such as design effects [SVY] svy bootstrap Bootstrap for survey data [SVY] bootstrap_options More options for bootstrap variance estimation [SVY] svy brr Balanced repeated replication for survey data [SVY] brr_options More options for BRR variance estimation [SVY] svy jackknife Jackknife estimation for survey data [SVY] jackknife_options More options for jackknife variance estimation [SVY] svy sdr Successive difference replication for survey data [SVY] sdr_options More options for SDR variance estimation

Survey data concepts

[SVY] variance estimation Variance estimation for survey data [SVY] subpopulation estimation Subpopulation estimation for survey data [SVY] calibration Calibration for survey data [SVY] direct standardization Direct standardization of means, proportions, and ratios [SVY] poststratification Poststratification for survey data

Tools for programmers of new survey commands

[SVY] ml for svy Maximum pseudolikelihood estimation for survey data [SVY] svymarkout Mark observation for exclusion on the basis of survey characteristics


Setup . webuse multistage

Declare the data to be complex survey data . svyset county [pw=sampwgt], strata(state) fpc(ncounties) || school, fpc(nschools)

Estimate the average weight of high school seniors in our population . svy: mean weight, over(sex)

Test the hypothesis that the average male is 30 pounds heavier than the average female . test [weight]male - [weight]female = 30

Video examples

Basic introduction to the analysis of complex survey data in Stata

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How to download, import, and prepare data from the NHANES website

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