Stata 15 help for summarize

[R] summarize -- Summary statistics


summarize [varlist] [if] [in] [weight] [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main detail display additional statistics meanonly suppress the display; calculate only the mean; programmer's option format use variable's display format separator(#) draw separator line after every # variables; default is separator(5) display_options control spacing, line width, and base and empty cells

------------------------------------------------------------------------- varlist may contain factor variables; see fvvarlist. varlist may contain time-series operators; see tsvarlist. by, rolling, and statsby are allowed; see prefix. aweights, fweights, and iweights are allowed. However, iweights may not be used with the detail option; see weight.


Statistics > Summaries, tables, and tests > Summary and descriptive statistics > Summary statistics


summarize calculates and displays a variety of univariate summary statistics. If no varlist is specified, summary statistics are calculated for all the variables in the dataset.


+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

detail produces additional statistics, including skewness, kurtosis, the four smallest and four largest values, and various percentiles.

meanonly, which is allowed only when detail is not specified, suppresses the display of results and calculation of the variance. Ado-file writers will find this useful for fast calls.

format requests that the summary statistics be displayed using the display formats associated with the variables rather than the default g display format; see [D] format.

separator(#) specifies how often to insert separation lines into the output. The default is separator(5), meaning that a line is drawn after every five variables. separator(10) would draw a line after every 10 variables. separator(0) suppresses the separation line.

display_options: vsquish, noemptycells, baselevels, allbaselevels, nofvlabel, fvwrap(#), and fvwrapon(style); see [R] estimation options.


. sysuse auto . summarize . summarize mpg weight . summarize mpg weight if foreign . summarize mpg weight if foreign, detail . summarize i.rep78

Video example

Descriptive statistics in Stata

Stored results

summarize stores the following in r():

Scalars r(N) number of observations r(mean) mean r(skewness) skewness (detail only) r(min) minimum r(max) maximum r(sum_w) sum of the weights r(p1) 1st percentile (detail only) r(p5) 5th percentile (detail only) r(p10) 10th percentile (detail only) r(p25) 25th percentile (detail only) r(p50) 50th percentile (detail only) r(p75) 75th percentile (detail only) r(p90) 90th percentile (detail only) r(p95) 95th percentile (detail only) r(p99) 99th percentile (detail only) r(Var) variance r(kurtosis) kurtosis (detail only) r(sum) sum of variable r(sd) standard deviation

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