Stata 15 help for std_options

[G-3] std_options -- Options for use with graph construction commands


std_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- title_options titles, subtitles, notes, captions

scale(#) resize text and markers region_options outlining, shading, graph size scheme(schemename) overall look play(recordingname) play edits from recordingname

nodraw suppress display of graph name(name, ...) specify name for graph saving(filename, ...) save graph in file -------------------------------------------------------------------------


The above options are allowed with

Command Manual entry ------------------------------------------------------------------------- graph bar and graph hbar [G-2] graph bar graph dot [G-2] graph dot graph box [G-2] graph box graph pie [G-2] graph pie -------------------------------------------------------------------------

See [G-3] twoway_options for the standard options allowed with graph twoway.


title_options allow you to specify titles, subtitles, notes, and captions to be placed on the graph. See [G-3] title_options.

scale(#) specifies a multiplier that affects the size of all text and markers in a graph. scale(1) is the default, and scale(1.2) would make all text and markers 20% larger. See [G-3] scale_option.

region_options allow outlining the plot region (such as placing or suppressing a border around the graph), specifying a background shading for the region, and the controlling of the graph size. See [G-3] region_options.

scheme(schemename) specifies the overall look of the graph; see [G-3] scheme_option.

play(recordingname) applies the edits from recordingname to the graph, where recordingname is the name under which edits previously made in the Graph Editor have been recorded and stored. See Graph Recorder in [G-1] graph editor.

nodraw causes the graph to be constructed but not displayed; see [G-3] nodraw_option.

name(name[, replace]) specifies the name of the graph. name(Graph, replace) is the default. See [G-3] name_option.

saving(filename[, asis replace]) specifies that the graph be saved as filename. If filename is specified without an extension, .gph is assumed. asis specifies that the graph be saved just as it is. replace specifies that, if the file already exists, it is okay to replace it. See [G-3] saving_option.


The above options may be used with any of the graph commands listed above.

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